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My site has downloadable videos and/or written instructions for building queening stools, rimming chairs or spanking bench's for queening, ballbusting, oral, analingus , spanking, caning and other femdom activities. I love queening and facesitting ( most women do) but after looking at overpriced and cheaply built furniture I decided to design my own. Then I  decided to offer the design plans here or through my Amazon books or e-books. My designs ensure structural integrity, style and comfort, at a cheap cost. My downloadable videos/instructions show how to make your own in a few hours. Instead of buying one for $500 or more, you can make your own for about $75 or less. 

Some of my Queening Chairs allow access to front or back areas for oral service  or are designed so the user can sit facing front or back. One chair version has multiple anchors, D-Rings to bind your sub into a variety of positions. Oral sex can be wonderful but muscle fatigue, backaches and reduced circulation can mean she is not fully satisfied. She should be able to lounge in comfort while her sub provides oral service. My designs are at the proper height so the person servicing has their head in a comfortable position without the use of any head slings or neck straps. Nothing is needed other than a small throw pillow.

When I spent some time researching queening chairs I found very overpriced and cheaply built furniture, so I decided to design and build my own. I wanted something that would ensure structural integrity, style, comfort, and a more reasonable cost.  When I saw that many sold online were $500 and I disliked the style and quality I was sure I could make my own in my spare time and save hundreds of dollars. My designs are at the proper height so the person servicing has their head in a comfortable position without the use of any head slings and nothing is needed other than a small throw pillow.  If you dominate or cuckold your husband (as I do), this is a perfect way for him to prove he is devoted to your satisfaction by providing oral sessions or anal worship. Along those lines, I wanted at least one model which would allow dual access so either "front or back" areas can be serviced. I've devised one version where the user can sit facing front or back and on the upper or lower level. Versatility was important to me so I could also use some models for tease and denial, spanking or kicking my sub in the balls, oral or anal humiliation training, smothering, pussy worship and as I am a squirter  (female ejaculation) something that would work well with that also. I wanted one chair with multiple anchors, D-Rings to bind my submissive into a variety of positions. I am a very dominant female, but of course realize that some women are submissive so my designs can obviously be used by anyone of any sexual persuasion. I also wanted a good sturdy spanking bench so mine is designed at the perfect height for straight down strokes with riding crop, switches or canes so you will never hit at an undesired angle or experience wrap around.

Instructions for all unique designs are in the members section.

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 The Chair above is 2 feet by 2 feet and weighs 45 pounds so it can easily be carried or stored. It has stabilizing features (not easily viewed) to help make it secure to the bed frame. It is usable with any regular size bed frame and can be built to just about any height. I enjoy this model as it allows the submissive to lay comfortably on the bed while performing their "duties".   His being comfortable means he can really focus on providing me with proper oral attention. It also provides a rather "regal" feel due to the elevated height. This heightened level allows for foot and leg worship for those that have a foot fetish. And obviously one could stand on the ladder for a different version of ass worship. This model is probably one of the simplest and cheapest to build of my designs. Proper pussy (and ass) worship means properly positioning yourself on his face and tongue.

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