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 Dear Cuckold Husband, make sure you pick out some sexy panties for me to wear Tuesday, and that I have a condom in my purse ready to go. I will make sure you get both back when I return....
~ Vanessa Chaland



My site has downloadable videos and/or written instructions for building queening stools, rimming chairs or spanking bench's

 for queening, ballbusting, oral, analingus , spanking, caning and other femdom activities. I love queening and facesitting ( most

 women do) but after looking at overpriced and cheaply built furniture I decided to design my own. Then I  decided to offer the

 design plans here or through my Amazon books or e-books. My designs ensure structural integrity, style and comfort, at a cheap

 cost. My downloadable videos/instructions show how to make your own in a few hours. Instead of buying one for $500 or more,

 you can make your own for about $75 or less. 


Some of my Queening Chairs allow access to front or back areas for oral service  or are designed so the user can sit facing front or

 back. One chair version has multiple anchors, D-Rings to bind your sub into a variety of positions. Oral sex can be wonderful

 but muscle fatigue, backaches and reduced circulation can mean she is not fully satisfied. She should be able to lounge in comfort

 while her sub provides oral service. My designs are at the proper height so the person servicing has their head in a comfortable

 position without the use of any head slings or neck straps. Nothing is needed other than a small throw pillow.


When I spent some time researching queening chairs I found very overpriced and cheaply built furniture, so I decided to design

 and build my own. I wanted something that would ensure structural integrity, style, comfort, and a more reasonable cost.  When

 I saw that many sold online were $500 and I disliked the style and quality I was sure I could make my own in my spare time and

 save hundreds of dollars. My designs are at the proper height so the person servicing has their head in a comfortable position

 without the use of any head slings and nothing is needed other than a small throw pillow.  If you dominate or cuckold your

 husband (as I do), this is a perfect way for him to prove he is devoted to your satisfaction by providing oral sessions or anal

 worship. Along those lines, I wanted at least one model which would allow dual access so either "front or back" areas can be

 serviced. I've devised one version where the user can sit facing front or back and on the upper or lower level. 


Versatility was important to me so I could also use some models for tease and denial, spanking or kicking my sub in the balls

 oral or anal humiliation training, smothering, pussy worship and as I am a squirter  (female ejaculation) something that would

 work well with that also. I wanted one chair with multiple anchors, D-Rings to bind my submissive into a variety of positions. I

 I am a very sexually dominant female, but do realize that some women are submissive so my designs can obviously be used by

 anyone of any sexual persuasion. I also wanted a good sturdy spanking bench so mine is designed at the perfect height for

 straight down-strokes with riding crop, switches or canes so you will never hit at an undesired angle or experience wrap around.

Instructions for all unique designs are in the members section.

    Best Erotic Fetish Equipment and Kinky Sex Furniture For Sale.   Female Domination Face Sitting Chairs do it yourself designs. 




Mistress Face Sitting Submissive Males Furniture Designs.     

 Cheap Smother Boxes, Queening Chairs and Face Sitting Thrones for sale.  Smother Boxes made better by being a Queening Chair

           Oral Service Submissive Chairs design plans DIY Fetish Furniture

        Queening Thrones and Queening Chairs for Face sitting FemDoms

 The Chair above is 2 feet by 2 feet and weighs 45 pounds so it can easily be carried or stored. It has stabilizing features (not easily viewed) to help make it secure to the bed frame. It is usable with any regular size bed frame and can be built to just about any height. I enjoy this model as it allows the submissive to lay comfortably on the bed while performing their "duties".   His being comfortable means he can really focus on providing me with proper oral attention. It also provides a rather "regal" feel due to the elevated height. This heightened level allows for foot and leg worship for those that have a foot fetish. And obviously one could stand on the ladder for a different version of ass worship. This model is probably one of the simplest and cheapest to build of my designs. Proper pussy (and ass) worship means properly positioning yourself on his face and tongue.

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 devices. Paperback versions are through CreateSpace ( an Amazon subsidiary). 


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Punishment Spanking and Caning of the submissive cuckold male. Something I have been doing more of lately. I think every

 FemDom, MomDom, Mistress and Dominant Wife should establish a regular regiment of good old-fashioned bare bottom

 spanking. I know through experience that it can accomplish many things if done correctly…..if done with enough frequency and



Some of the beneficial aspects are that it can be cathartic for both parties. For him: A sort of cleansing of guilt, stress and anxiety

 which is released through endorphins that are stimulated or “awakened’ during punishment. Not unlike how a good massage, a

 rougher type one sort of like Rolfing, has the effect of releasing endorphins and other mind/body chemicals, and similar to how a

 very intense workout via weights, martial arts, running etc, spanking can accomplish this same effect.

For her: It is one way (not unlike above) to release pent-up stress….of both the mental and physical varieties. Many people

 (myself included) enjoy a punching bag, boxing, kickboxing and/or martial arts. I view it as the same. In this case (with proper

 knowledge and care) going all out on a health males bare bottom with a hairbrush, cane, straps etc is a safe way to get "that”

 out of your system. (Obviously common sense needs to be used and care to not hit any area not well padded with muscle and


It helps to establish….or reestablish her authority and dominance. It’s hard for a fully grown male to feel that he is…..The Man

 in Charge" with his pants down around his ankles laying face down over her lap while her hand or hairbrush rains down on his

 exposed bottom. I’ve written about this many times, but I spank and punish the upper backs of his thighs with a variety of

 implements and his inner thighs (with hand spanking/slapping only) as well. I love to grab/pinch the lower part of his bottom,

 pull it towards his head and spank repeatedly with a brush right where bottom connects to thighs.

For both: Obviously certain activities can create sexual arousal…..discipline and punishment being one. Having a bare bottom

 exposed, feeling that vulnerability and even humiliation can spark an erection in him. The millions of nerve endings in that area,

 which are so close to his genitals, the rubbing and friction of his penis across her bare lap, or her stockings, skirt or what have

 you often causes an erection. The exertion of spanking and slapping and hitting by her, coupled with the “power trip” (at least it

 has that effect on me) and seeing the nudity and the flesh bouncing from your efforts is exciting. Not to mention should he have

 an erection between your thighs. And obviously, should anyone have ever read anything I’ve written before, one can rest assured

 that oral gratification is a must via face sitting or the use of a Queening chair post punishment. :)




I often see people write out long rambling cuckold marriage contracts, relationship details, listing times, events, duties, details,

 stipulations. Quite often these are written up as fantasy/masturbatory fodder by cuckolds or wannabe cuckolds. They may list

 what the expectations of the wife are, demands of the Bull, covering wardrobe/attire, service oriented submission issues, drinks,

 food, arrival and departure times, types of scented candles, music, ambiance and the list goes on and on and on.

While that’s fine, I notice that they rarely ask what the cuckoldress wants or desires. So, I thought I would write up one from my

 perspective (as pussy worship is your religion anyway right?) that I think (in my humble opinion) all cuckolds should adopt and

 live by.

{Cuckolds Creed}:

If she puts it by, near or in your mouth, kiss it, lick it, suck it and swallow it.

{End of Cuckold Creed.} :)

If you really think about it, once she has decided to cuckold you, you’ve sort of forfeited any expectations to any sort

 of…pussy, beyond what your tongue will provide. I know that with my husband, who does have an average size penis, but

 comes way to fast, his new lot in life is oral service only. hen I was younger I loved, loved,. loved riding Roller Coasters. So

 using “riding” those as an analogy to sex, when I’m in the mood for a good hard fucking, I want it to last the whole “ride”. No

 one would be happy with a roller coaster ride in which you are all full of expectations and excited, then the event happens and it

 goes forward 20 feet and stops and…..ride over. Having sex with a fast comer is the same thing. Just when it starts to feel good

 for me, he ejaculates his pathetic cuckold sperm and is done for the night. So, I go find superior “dick action” elsewhere from

 better men and my “tongue action” from my inferior cuckold. If it had to be anything else, I would just pass on sex totally, make

 some Chamomile Tea and go to bed with a good book. :)



After several boring years of little sexual activity in our marriage, we just finished reading Cuckold Letters and it inspired my wife to take her role of Cuckoldress more seriously. I think things will become much more interesting for us both as a result. We were impressed with your strength of character throughout the letters and really enjoyed the discomfort and anxiety you created for Cucky. I just noticed the photos in your profile and I'm even more impressed.

You are fantastic in every way. Thanks again, B***



For many women humiliating their husband can be a very erotic and powerful emotion and activity. Breaking the conventional molds of both a male dominated society and treating him in a way that is against everything we where taught as little girls can be thrilling and empowering. For the men that accept/enjoy this form of domination it can be a sexual experience so strong in itself, it can cause lightheadedness a strong sense of devotion to his wife and in some cases even ejaculations. We all heard that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, but the way to his mind is through his penis. Treating him in a way that arouses him will keep him coming back for more. It is up to you to ensure this. If you think about it, his cock is directly linked to his brain you control one, you control the other.

Humiliating him can be done in many different ways. To break it down into major categories it simplifies it. His attire, his chores, his mind, his body, his sexuality and/or masculinity. Cross dressing, performing chores or duties for you, verbally abusing or insulting him, mocking his endowment or stamina, suggesting he is not a real man, or maybe bisexual. Any or all of these methods will have a very strong effect on submissive men. That is not however to say that all methods will work for everyone. For some a more traditional scolding is the most effective, for other being made to wear panties while being called a small cocked wimp will be more productive. You must experiment and try out different ways to find what works best for you.

I feel that for many men the best approach is the “build up/break down” style of mental torture or anguish. After he has been in submission or training for at least a few weeks, you can implement this method. The idea is to keep him humble. Never insult his intelligence as this will not have the right effect nor is it productive. However, say for example he is nice looking, decently built with a normal size penis and average in bed. By telling him initially that he is good and fine at the above his ego gets pumped up. After a few weeks you should begin to criticize his technique in bed, make comments about his penis size, his stamina and his desire to please you. Over a few days he will become worried and concerned. Now is the time to reassure him and make him think all is well. A few days later you should begin to complain about the same things again, but more forcefully. The whole process just repeats itself till he is constantly anxious and does everything he can to try to please you.

I really feel that in many cases humiliating him in front of other women is important. Having his manhood, penis size, and even questioning his sexual orientation in front of your girlfriends will be both devastating and exciting to him at the same time. As well, I feel that having him serve you and a couple of close friends while being nude or in some type of punishment uniform will really push him to the edge of his desire to submit. He will usually complain and protest, all the while having an erection. The telltale sign for any humiliation tactic is not what is in his eyes or coming out of his mouth, but by what is in his pants. If he gets erect, no matter how much he protests, you know you are making good headway at giving him a good dose of humility.


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