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Vanessa Chaland

 One of the things I love about Queening Stools and Face Sitting Chairs is the symbolism that they represent. For anyone that lives a Female Dominant lifestyle, certain items are like a photo, in that a picture speaks a thousand words. A Queening stool is a 'stand alone' piece of furniture and its very existence dictates a great deal. It is singularly functional. It exists for the purpose of a woman to receive oral pleasure from her submissive. It does not double as a dining room chair, a bed or foot stool, one would never stand on it to change a light bulb.

They are treated with almost a type of reverence and even awe by some people. A submissive wandering through a home, a website, a magazine that came across a Queening chair will often feel a quickening of the pulse, perhaps butterflies in their stomach, a tightness in their chest and of course a stirring in their loins. The immediate thought is that of a sexually demanding woman seated regally there, her intimate sex organs splayed and accessible. Her scent, her juices are just a couple inches away should that submissive be allowed to lie beneath it.

Its like a Queens throne in some quarters. She is seated above her submissive in a Female Superior position, and her submissive must now lie beneath her on the floor to perform what some people feel is a most humiliating task. She may temporarily smother him. She may (as I do) squirt on his face and mouth. She may order him to perform analingus on her. Being a fully grown, educated and successful adult, and being ordered to perform orally on a sexually dominant woman....must be viewed as demeaning on some levels.
I love that aspect, simply love it. :)  

As many people have space constraints in their homes, and the need for privacy, I'm designing new types and styles of furniture that is smaller, easily storable and cheaper. As I very much love our planet and

 am concerned with environmental issues, I'm now designing new furniture with highly engineered multi-layered laminated paperboard which is treated with a moisture resistant acrylic/latex emulsion and sprayed

 with a "plasticized" treatment at some critical areas. This is all wood based products, but these are recyclable so we can help stop the endless practice of cutting down trees for one use products.

Everyone has their own preferences for padding and textiles or coverings. Some people are fine with bare furniture, others may desire the use of a variety of pillows or cushioning such as travel neck pillows, throw

 pillows, computer chair cushions and so forth are usually laying around ones home.

Like any other wood based furniture (such as an Armoire or coffee tables etc.) one would be concerned with excessive moisture or spills and would blot them dry as soon as possible. Along the same lines, there are

 always variables in trees, such as knots, the grain and other imperfections where strength can not be guaranteed. The same applies to these items where I can not make any absolute claims as to what maximum

 amount of weight or type of use they can endure.  I am really enjoying trying new designs out of new materials that are will be substantially cheaper, that will be durable and fairly compact in size. 

And of course, the best part is that I have to "test" every new design I come up with extensively for.....you know...scientific purposes. :)



 For A Variety of Premade Ready to Use Items Available Through my Etsy Store.

Spanking Benches - Queening Thrones - Paddles - Whips - Smother Boxes - Rimming Chairs - Spanking Horses

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Lingerie, Thongs, T-Backs, Club-Wear, Stripper Clothes and a rotating assortment of fetish, erotic, dungeon clothing for him or her.

Photo examples below, spanking benches, whips, paddles and fetish clothing are the types of items available through my Etsy Shop.  








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Links for my paperback books through CreateSpace (owned by Amazon).

Female Domination: Cross Dressers, Sissies and Cuckolds

FemDom Evolutiona: I Became Sexually Dominant For Tongue

The Cuckold Hotel La Cornudo Albergo

Dominant Women: Where and How to Meet the FemDom of your Dreams

FemDom Training of Submissive Males

Squirter's Paradise: Female Ejaculation! Wet musings on owning your body's sensual gushing gifts!

Cuckold Letters: Evolution of a Cuckoldress

Cuckold Journal: Wet Options: Cuckold Letters II The Married Years


Dear cuckold husband, pick out some sexy panties for me for my date and put a condom in my purse.  

I'll make sure you get *both* back....when I return....

~Vanessa Chaland 








For those that purchased my books, thank you for slogging slowly through a myriad of myopic slaggish musings by a Pro-Sarcastic Snarkatrix and Vocabularyistic Savantatrix.  :)





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                                                            Respect should be reciprocal between Domme and Sub.

I was thinking one night after reading some hardcore FemDom....I'm going with "garbage" here, about the way the Dommes that wrote the tripe view submissive males. Without going into details, lets just say they won't agree with what I'm writing here. All subs deserve to be treated with a level of respect and dignity. We all have fantasies and expectations and desires in life. And that includes our sex lives as well....obviously. The desires of a submissive should not be discounted or rejected or ignored, just because he's submissive. You would think this should be apparent to anyone, but that seems not to be the case.

I think one contributing factor of this is the demographics or ratio of available Dominant Women to the numbers of submissive men seeking a partner. We all know there are far more men seeking a Domme then the other way around. So for some, the attitude seems to be use them, debase them, throw them back in the pile. You know, subs are a "dime a dozen" so other than being a toy for the day, just get rid of them when you're bored and get another one. This phenomena does not bode well for us where we are trying to prove that we can have conscientious scruples and integrity on a higher level, especially when it comes to the political world. Rather than setting the bar higher, this seems to speak to the old adage of "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" and that is not a good trend. It makes us look like the guys that have questionable moral turpitude and a lack of compassion, whom live on an agenda made strictly of selfish desires with no concern for other human beings.

So, to the guys, the submissive men, based on your being an ass licking, faggity, cuckold, creampie eating sub who likes to take artificial dick up your sissy asses (see what I did there, lol) you still deserve to be treated with respect.

All humans have needs and desires and proclivities, and our sexual fetish interests are "born" of the "nature or nurture" of everything that happened from our time in the womb until right now. Some people are dominant, some are submissive, some male, some female, some LGBTQ. On the core level though, we're still all the same...human beings. Just because your dick is hard and there may be a shortage of dominant women in your life, don't settle for second best, don't sell out and make foolish choices. And maintain some dignity and reserve of your own.

 Desperation breeds contempt in all women. No begging, no bribing, show respect but at the same time demand that its returned to you. Have respect for yourself and prove you are worthy of her affection and her  attention, and her crop, cane, and that lovely pussy, and show her that you and you alone can provide oral and anal worship like no other. Sell it, own it, deserve and desire it and even though you are a submissive with blue balls about to burst, act like an adult. No groveling and act like a man, a submissive male, sure, but a man nonetheless. She'll have more respect for you and if she doesn't..... then she was not worthy of your respect and attention in the first place.  Okay...blathering, rambling, bloviating babble.....over. :)