Queening Chairs

Queening Stool, Queeing Chair, BDSM

Face Sitting

   One thing I love about  Queening Chairs and Rimming Stools is the symbolism that they represent. They are like a photo, "a picture speaks a thousand words". They are a 'stand alone' piece of furniture, the very existence dictates a great deal. It is singularly functional. It exists for the purpose of a woman to receive oral pleasure from her submissive. 

   They are treated with reverence by some. A submissive that comes across a Queening chair may feel a quickening of the pulse, tightness in their chest and of course a stirring in their loins. The immediate thought is that of a sexually demanding woman seated regally, her intimate sex organs splayed and accessible. Her scent, her juices are just a couple inches away should that submissive be allowed to lie beneath it.Its like a Queens throne in some quarters. She is seated above her submissive in a Female Superior position, and her submissive must lie beneath her to perform what some feel is a humiliating task. She may temporarily smother him, squirt on his face and mouth or order him to perform analingus. Being a fully grown, educated and successful adult, ordered to perform orally on a sexually dominant woman, viewed as demeaning on some levels. I love that aspect, simply love it. :)

   Face sitting is wonderful but leg cramps, backaches and reduced circulation mean you don't fully enjoy the experience. If you won't be fully satisfied...what's the point?  You should be lounging in comfort while receiving oral service in a chair that is safe, has structural integrity, stylish, and of course at a reasonable price. My furniture is designed correctly so the person laying below has their head in a comfortable position without the need of head slings. Nothing is needed beyond perhaps a small pillow. Versatility is important to me, so some chairs allow access to "front or back" areas for oral service.

Queening Chair, Queening Stool, BDSM

Queening Stools versus Smothering Boxes

   Smothering boxes tend to have a two fold purpose. Obviously for aiding in the function of providing oral service to a females nether regions, but also for some people, actual smothering. Erotic asphyxiation (breath play) is a fetish where the ability to breath is controlled or reduced. So, a smother box can provide both the apparatus where a woman can sit comfortably for oral pleasuring, and she can, by slightly raising and lowering herself, control the person underneath breathing. 

   Queening chairs tends to be a few inches higher (meaning the seat) and often the person underneath will use a small throw pillow or two for the obvious purpose of comfort, but also depending on their head size (cranium, not ego, giggles to self) for proper positioning and "reach-ability". Queening chairs are  more open, airy and allow light in.

   While to the purist there are very distinct differences, for the more casual user, it is a matter of semantics and preferences. Both create a sturdy , comfortable seating apparatus for her to lounge on, both provide a visually appealing view (for the person on the bottom) of her most intimate parts, and both allow for extended sessions where her legs, back, knees and arms don't have to support her body weight.

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